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Food Service

Food Service

A wholesale program that’s high-quality and highly customizable.

RP’s wholesale products are made in small artisan batches, allowing us to customize orders to fit your needs. RP’s Pasta Company’s products are distributed to some of the finest restaurants and commissaries throughout the United States.

Fresh Pasta

RP’s fresh hand-rolled pasta goes through a full kneading process to produce a true “al dente” texture. RP’s fresh filled pasta keeps the focus on and the flavor in the filling. We make all of our fillings in-house, and strive to source our ingredients directly from local farms, including Wisconsin cheese.

Frozen Pasta

RP’s ravioli is made with our fresh pasta, Wisconsin cheese, and locally sourced vegetables. We mix all of our fillings in-house to ensure the quality. We then quick freeze the ravioli to lock-in the delicious flavor.

Gluten-Free Pasta

Our Fresh and Pre-Cooked IQF Gluten-Free pasta is crafted using artisan techniques and quality ingredients, with taste and texture comparable to that of traditional pasta.

Explore some of Chef Peter’s finest pasta creations.