RPs Pasta



Fresh Pasta, Made the Right Way

With quality ingredients and a dedication to making our  products in the careful, thoughtful way the original recipes intended, there’s a lot to love about our pasta.

All-Natural, Always

We use the finest all-natural ingredients to make products you can feel good about.

Focused On Local

We source our ingredients locally to support farmers and artisans in Wisconsin and across the Midwest.

Made with Intention

From hand-rolling all our fresh pastas to making all our fillings in-house, we take the time to make sure every step of our process is done the right way.

Elevate Your Preparation

See some of Chef Peter’s favorite recipes using RP’s Pasta products and level up your mealtime.

Get Our Pasta

Add RP’s to the list for your next grocery trip. Find a store near you that carries our fresh or frozen pasta products.