Potato Gnocchi Flour 50 lbs.

Potato Gnocchi Flour 50 lbs.

As easy as “Just Add Water”, mix lightly, and start making light, pillowy gnocchi in minutes.

Potato Gnocchi Flour (makes 22lbs.)

ITEM CODE 30003B50
CASE PACK 50 lbs. (1 x 50 lbs.) (makes 110 lbs)
SHELF LIFE 2 years


Unbleached wheat flour (wheat flour (niacin, iron, thiamin mononitrate, riboflavin, folic acid), dehydrated potato flakes (potato & citric acid), potato starch, egg.

All RP’s ingredients are sourced locally where possible.

Nutrition Information

How to cook

Mix 16 oz. (1.00 lb.) Gnocchi flour with 20.5 oz. (1.28 lbs. or 2 ¼ Cups + 1 Tablespoon ) water in a bowl. stir gently until evenly combined (approx. 3 min.). If using a stand mixer, use caution not to over mix the dough. Turn dough out on to a well-floured surface. Working in batches about ½ lb at a time, roll the dough into a snake about ½ inch in diameter and cut into ¾ inch pieces. Shape as desired.

Prepare a pot of boiling water. We recomend 3 quarts of salted water per pound of finished gnocchi. Bring water to a simmer and gently add the gnocchi. Remove from the water 15 seconds after they float. Gnocchi must be immediately tossed with a little sauce, oil, or butter to prevent sticking. Gnocchi may be par cooked, drained, tossed with 1 t of olive oil per lb., chilled, portioned in an air tight bag, and held up to 3 days.

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